Business Intelligence

You are sitting on a gold mine…

Any and all of your customer interactions represent an opportunity to drive value from the inquiry. At Speedperform our SaaS solutions handle more than 85.000.000 annual customer interactions - needless to say that we know a LOT about your customers and we are willing to share it.

  • What are the Top 5 most interesting applications and features of the Huawei P10?
  • What devices are current users of the Samsung Galaxy S6 most likely to consider?
  • What problems are users most likely to encounter during their first 3 days - 3 weeks - 3 months after getting a data modem?
  • Which device users are most likely to consider a new device and therefore represent a threat to churn?
…dig out the value

YES, we know it all. But it is up to you to drive value from these interactions and the know-how we aggregate. We have engaged in many projects to define valuable use cases to benefit from your users interacting with pre- and post-sale support tools. Let us pin-point the ones which are relevant to you and start harvesting the value.

Data sampling and reporting

All of our SaaS deployments come standard out-of-the-box configured with our own Reporting and Analytics tool - reporting on core business KPIs, in addition to having Google Analytics (may be substituted with any other web analytics tool applicable to your organisation) tagging for web and user journey analysis.
These tools are key to determine success of a project and to identify areas for improvement.

Cross channel

Data from cross-channel interactions is even more valuable and interesting. An omni-channel deployment allows you to surface "real" interesting offers and solutions to users having similar devices or problems in one channel based on data aggregation in another channel.
Taking this predictive and proactive approach to serving your subscribers will drive loyalty and increase customer satisfaction.

Use the API

It is not that complicated. We have designed an API that sits on top of our business intelligence layer. This allows you to retrieve the best data and conclusions and transform these into directly automated actions based on pre-determined profiling.