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February 2021
Vodafone New Zealand optimizes their digital support strategy

Vodafone New Zealand’s clients have used Speedperform’s Self Service for more than a decade to find answers to questions - solutions to problems. We are proud to be an integrated part of Vodafone New Zealand’s digital support strategy, sharing the continued journey to provide the best omni-channel customer support experience.


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July 2020
COVID-19 pandemic – Learn how EE navigates their store reopening

The SP Retail digital signage solution, offering interactive product demos and comparison, plays a vital role in UK based EE store reopening. Read more about how EE, with the safety of their colleagues and customers remaining their number one priority, has successfully managed the challenge of reopening 90 of their stores over the summer, thanks to social-distancing-friendly solutions.


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November 2019
Authoring for SP Retail

The SP Retail solution deployed for EE is the first retail solution to connect directly with the SP Authoring publishing feature. This integration enables editors to create and publish content that, after it has been approved, immediately becomes available on all touch screens deployed around the UK as part of the SP Retail roll-out. This optimized content creation loop ensures that content - images, launch videos or decision flows - can be created and published within minutes while ensuring correct rendering on the in-store touch screen panels. Moreover, taking part of the omni-channel publishing feature of SP Authoring, content can simultaneously be deployed to multiple channels - each having its own optimized rendering and interface ensuring consistent, timely and high-quality content available to agents and customers regardless of touch point.

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October 2019
Vodafone launches SP Agents / SP Authoring

With the addition of Diagnostic Flow (troubleshooting/scripting) capabilities to SP Authoring, Vodafone Portugal has decided to launch SP Agents in contact centers and retail stores while the content team located in Lisbon is using the SP Authoring tool to create, publish and measure the impact. The team is already taking advantage of the rich media article types in SP Authoring and additionally embedding these in a series of complex troubleshooting flows. The result is a simple and intuitive presentation of content to agents and in-store staff. Next step is to port selected articles from internal use to be directly published in the self-service application so end-users can perform troubleshooting directly freeing up valuable agent and store staff time.

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August 2019
Milicom adopts SP Self-Service

Following a successful merger in Nicaragua, Milicom has adopted and embraced the SP Self-Service solution. Milicom, being an innovative operator specialized in developing networks and infrastructure in Central and South America, has adopted the SP Self-Service solution to support the strategic intend of keeping a strong focus on cost control. Operating in markets with a relatively low ARPU but boosting strong growth especially within smartphone and internet penetration, it is evidently important to Milicom to adopt a support model having a low support contact cost. Working closely together with Speedperform, Milicom has initially adopted the SP Self-Service solution to cater for mobile users wishing to get support straight on their mobile device. Moving forward, Milicom is determined to explore the entire Speedperform SaaS suite to further drive down cost to serve.

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July 2019
Diagnostic Flow & Scripting – Now part of SP Authoring

Whether it is an agent on a call guiding a customer through a complex troubleshooting process or an end-user performing self-diagnostics on an IOT device, efficient diagnostics or scripting has always been the name of the game. On the other hand, creating and keeping troubleshooting and diagnostic flows up-to-date can be a complex and cumbersome task. This has been the outset from the beginning when adding new article capabilities to the editor of SP Authoring and we believe we have exceeded our expectations. Not only can flows be created in minutes, but the author can also take advantage of advanced features such as interlinking flows or embedding the rendering of other articles into the SP Agents and SP Authoring KMS. Naturally, the new Diagnostic Flow article type acts as a standard article type with the same governance features (approval, scheduling, revisions) as other article types, but it also supports omni-channel publishing. So now, within minutes, it is possible to create and publish an advanced troubleshooting flow to agents and end users with the Speedperform front-end interface ensuring correct presentation to agents and end-users regardless of how they access the information; desktop, tablet, mobile browser or in-app rendering.

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July 2019
SP Retail shortlisted for The DXA’19 Awards in London

Speedperform is proud to announce that the EE deployment of SP Retail has been recognized and shortlisted as a finalist for the prestigious DXA’19 Award. With the key objective of “Recognizing Digital Excellence and Innovation” the SP Retail solution has been identified and submitted as “Best Use of Digital Devices & Software”. “At Speedperform, we are proud to be part of this recognition but equally important, it shows the innovative collaboration between our teams and the outstanding results derived from our joint efforts”, says Thomas Thrane, CEO, Speedperform.

About the Awards
The UK Digital Experience Awards (UKDXA) continues to celebrate the ways digital technology is used to enhance customer experience. The awards provide a platform for organizations and individuals to celebrate the partnerships they have formed and be rewarded for their digital innovation and customer-centric culture. The awards finals provide a unique opportunity to share best practice and network with a multitude of cross-sector organizations. The awards are judged by an independent panel of business professions through both a written entry and a live presentation on the day of the finals; with many of the presentations being open to spectators. The scoring criterion is endorsed by Cranfield School of Management, and every finalist receives a feedback report after the awards finals. The UKDXA has been accredited with the prestigious Gold Awards Trust Mark from the Independent Awards Standards Council. To win or be shortlisted at the UKDXA is a great honour that identifies you as superior in your industry. (Source:

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May 2019
Multi-language deployment of SP Agents live in Switzerland

The largest mobile operator in Switzerland, Swisscom, has implemented SP Agents in an advanced multi-language configuration. While the Swisscom agents take advantage of the intuitive user interface, the deployment ensures that each user is presented with content in his/her preferred language while still preserving the option to toggle between languages on demand. Moreover, agents can share content with end-users directly from SP Agents and ensure that the user receives the correct solution link in the right language.

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April 2019
Accelerating time-to-market with cross border development

Time-to-market remains a critical factor when selecting a software and integration partner and with new technologies being launched constantly in the world of telco this is truer than ever. At Speedperform, this has always been at the top of our agenda and we are evidently renowned for delivering on budget and schedule. However, with our recent expansion to include software development as one of the core activities in our LATAM office located in Santiago, we have been able to take this to new heights. Our agile development, design and project management teams can seamlessly hand-over a project from one “time-zone” to another. This virtually means that we can devote development resources 15 hours a day enabling us to bring solutions to market twice as fast in comparison to a single-development-center location.

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February 2019
Bringing sophisticated authoring capabilities to the table

Following the successful launch of SP Agents, Speedperform is proud to announce the launch of SP Authoring – the most intuitive tool on the market to create and publish support articles to your omni-channel contact points. SP Authoring has been specifically designed to create rich-media support articles in minutes while preserving your governance on content approval, scheduling/validity and revision control. The result is a simple yet sophisticated tool to enhance and upgrade your Speedperform solution with state-of-the-art knowledge management features. At launch the tool supports a full range of media article types from simple text articles and images to complex authoring including videos, step-by-step guides and accordion-layout. Regardless of content type, when published to any of the Speedperform front-end tools, the solution preserve SEO, internal search engine integration and reporting.

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January 2019
Oi Brazil re-awards its support business to Speedperform

Speedperform has created sustainable benefits for Oi Brazil over the course of the past 4 years, consequently Oi has re-signed a new multi-year agreement for the ongoing provision of the SP Self-Service solution. With close to 40 million network subscribers, an efficient self-service solution is key to Oi and one of the key drivers to cost control. The launch of the new Oi SP Agents solution is eminent, and this will further drive benefits to the telco giant ensuring they can continue to bring new innovative products to their customer base without compromising on service and support quality.

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December 2018
EE UK launch of SP Retail in London

Just in time for the holiday sales, EE (the result of the merger of T-Mobile and Orange) – the largest network operator in the UK – takes a huge step in digitalizing the in-store shopping experience by launching the SP Retail touch screen solution. The solution boosts clear-cut benefits, vastly reducing the device and logistic costs by removing the task of sourcing working device samples to each store upon device launches. Based on the standard SP Retail software solution, the customized EE solution was deployed in just less than two months. The innovative touch screen solution has been designed to meet both pre- and post-sale interactions by providing the most engaging user experience powered by the digital content (including 3D device and Virtual Device models) already part of the existing SP Self-Service solution in operation for EE. While initially launched in the EE high-end stores in London, a national roll-out is planned for 2019 rendering on a wide range of touch screen devices ranging from 22” to 65” in both portrait and landscape mode.

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October 2018
Expanding our LATAM facilities

Following increased demands from our South and Central American-based clients, we have expanded our facilities in Santiago and relocated to a new office location better suited for our future activities. Moving forward, the office is now fully equipped and manned to handle everything both software development and content development. While these activities are new to the Santiago office, the existing sales and marketing functions remain unchanged. “The move further strengthens our position in the LATAM market where we command a strong foothold”, says Mr. Jeppe Ivarsson (VP Global Sales & Marketing) and continues: “and enables us to pursue our global SaaS strategy while ensuring execution and proximity on a local level”.

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June 2018
Speedperform partners up with Woolworths

Speedperform is proud to announce the partnership with Woolworths, Australia’s largest retailer, that has recently expanded its line of business to include mobile subscription services. Woolworths is a young and innovative telco player with an ambitious growth plan and a clear objective to keep cost to serve under control – both main reasons for selecting a SaaS self-service solution from Speedperform. With the recent feature upgrade to SP Self-service, the availability of SP Agents Lite free-of-charge to all clients and the upcoming release of SP Authoring, the omni-channel product suite from Speedperform was the obvious choice for Woolworths as it has been for many of the world’s leading global telco players. The SaaS approach enabled Woolworths to go live with a fully customised device self-service solution with support for a wide range of local devices in less than 2 months; another clear target for Woolworths.

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April 2018
Launch of SP Agents Lite

Speedperform has decided to launch a “Lite” edition of the sophisticated SP Agents CSR-facing support application. Dubbed SP Agents Lite, the application mirrors all device-related support tools and functions of SP Agents in combination with the same advanced customisation options. This enables our Clients’ CSRs to benefit from the best of bread support tool based on 15+ years of know-how and best practices. At the same time, the deployment of SP Agents Lite represents an easy upgrade path should a client wish to take advantage of the state of the art authoring and publishing capabilities of the SP Authoring application. SP Agents Lite will be made available to all Speedperform clients free of charge upon launch targeted for the end of May. To secure a smooth transition and adoption of the tool, all our clients will be contacted by their designated Client Executive for an in-depth presentation and deployment plan. For additional information please do not hesitate to contact a Speedperform representative.

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March 2018
TIM reengineers its support site

Following a successful RFQ bid autumn 2017, Speedperform was re-awarded the business providing TIM with an SP Self-service solution for all TIM Brazil online channels. Speedperform completely reengineered the existing solution to reflect the latest developments in the online environment and to comply with all requirements from the different internal stake-holders. In addition, the solution is in full compliance with all regulations applied by Brazilian Telecom authorities (Anatel) in terms of information and accessibility. The new solution was successfully launched March 2018 following an ambitious project plan and is already outperforming its predecessor thus ensuring that TIM will further decrease the number of incoming calls and increase online sales. An addition of SP Agents in the second half of 2018 will further extend the benefits achieved by TIM to the call centre operation.

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February 2018
A new agreement revitalises the Movistar solutions

Telefonica Internacional has renewed the agreement with Speedperform for the ongoing provision of SP Self-service and SP Agents, covering the entire Telefonica Movistar operation in South and Central America. The decision is based on years of successful cooperation leading to an extremely high utilization of the tools in both pre-sales and post-sales environments, subsequently leading to an increase in sales and a decrease in cost to serve. The contract extension includes an update to the solution to include all the latest features offered by Speedperform. During the second half of 2018, the CSR-facing solution will be updated to the latest SP Agents interface across all Movistar operations, extending beyond the benefits already achieved by Movistar to boost call centre efficiency. Both Telefónica Internacional and Speedperform are convinced that this will further improve the results achieved by the individual operations and will continue to pave the way for new initiatives to ensure that Telefónica stays at the forefront of the development regarding online sales and support.

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December 2017
Design transformation of the Singtel SG solution

In the wake of Singtel’s recent update in usability and design guidelines, Speedperform updated the device support experience to reflect a more modernised and user-friendly design. With the new responsive solution, Singtel has experienced a notable performance uptake of 200% thanks to the customised content package and joint efforts of both Singtel and Speedperform for optimising SEO. The solution that Speedperform provides to Singtel today is a full omni-channel solution, pushing the content and digital assets across all customer touch points. The uptake in performance numbers is an essential parameter for driving self-service, facilitating call deflection, reducing AHT and optimising customer satisfaction.

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October 2017
Development Centre in Lviv, Ukraine

To further strengthen the position as the world leading provider of omni-channel device and knowledge base support solutions, Speedperform has set up a Development Centre in Ukraine. The choice of Lviv as the location was based on the high level of sophisticated talent mass of development resources in combination with the proximity to our Copenhagen-based HQ. “From a strategic perspective we assessed multiple options but decided to opt for a setup with in-sourced employees as we want our strong culture and quality to be reflected at our regional offices. It is a strength that our colleagues working from our Lviv office are employees of Speedperform and share the same values and determination as the rest of our company” says Thomas Thrane, CEO of Speedperform. The intention is to further grow the team in Lviv as we continue to bring new innovative products and solutions to the market.

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September 2017
EE UK awards Speedperform device support business

Concluding a successful RFQ, EE, the largest mobile network operator in the UK, challenged Speedperform to reengineer the self-service experience in the online device help section. The solution was deployed in September 2017 and it features some of Speedperform’s most powerful pre- and post–sale features, including Interactive Guides, advanced troubleshooting, Virtual Device and 3D device models accessible to EE’s customers and call centre agents via desktop and mobile. In cooperation with EE, Speedperform has developed a self-service solution that responds to a substantial amount of support interactions every day, supporting EE’s overall strategy to push for self-service resulting in call deflection. Furthermore, the solution decreases AHT and positively impacts NFF ensuring EE a convincing business case. Speedperform is proud to be part of the successful story and well-earned merits that EE has achieved.

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August 2017
Reviving the look and feel of the Swisscom CH solution

Speedperform and Swisscom reassessed the online device support experience on the Swisscom website and deployed an optimized UX and design in line with Swisscom’s latest design and usability guidelines. It is a sophisticated multi-language solution that addresses Swisscom’s German-, English-, Italian- and French-speaking customers and the entire solution setup is unique in terms of both content and user journey. The outcome is a well-structured solution due to close cooperation between Swisscom and Speedperform with a joint commitment to bringing the best user experience to Swisscom’s customers. In return, Swisscom can boast of a solution that drives a massive amount of traffic to self-service, securing ROI through call deflection, reduction in AHT and, most of all, satisfied customers.

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January 2017
Speedperform enters into strategic alliance with Ingram Micro

Speedperform has signed a strategic alliance agreement with Ingram Micro Mobility. The key objective of the alliance is to mutually strengthen both companies’ value proposition in the market for mobile device product life cycle.About Ingram Micro Ingram Micro helps businesses Realize the Promise of Technology™. It delivers a full spectrum of global technology and supply chain services to businesses around the world. Deep expertise in technology solutions, mobility, cloud and supply chain solutions enables its business partners to operate efficiently and successfully in the markets they serve. Unrivaled agility, deep market insights and the trust and dependability that come from decades of proven relationships, set Ingram Micro apart and ahead. More at

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January 2017
WorldManuals is renaming to Speedperform

As of 23 January 2017, WorldManuals is renaming to Speedperform.Since our very first commercial deployment of device support solutions we have been defining and shaping the global landscape of mobile device support solutions. Solutions that, over the years, have evolved from a simple collection of guides to advanced technical solutions with a broad feature-set seamlessly integrated with our clients’ customer-facing productivity systems. So, to cut it short, our previous name WorldManuals does no longer do our actual services justice, therefore we are becoming Speedperform. We will continue to innovate and shape the future of device support done right by productising 15 years of best practice from self-service, agent-facing and point-of-sale retail solutions and together with our strategic alliance partners we look forward to bringing new engaging solutions to the market. Let’s Speedperform…

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October 2016
Vodafone sets a new standard for device self-service

Throughout 2016, WorldManuals and Vodafone Group have collaborated in shaping the future of the Vodafone device self-service support solution. The solution will be deployed across multiple Vodafone operations over the coming months and is specifically designed to address users accessing device support through any of their devices, be it mobile, tablet or PC. Eventually, the new Vodafone device support solution shall accelerate self-service further leading to an increase in call deflection – a key objective for both WorldManuals and Vodafone. The synergetic teamwork between Vodafone Group and WorldManuals has resulted in an extremely well-rounded and intuitive support solution which WorldManuals is proud to be part of. We look forward to deploying the new device support solution across the Vodafone Group operations and to further strengthen our long-lasting business relationship with Vodafone.

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October 2016
Telstra awards device support business to WorldManuals

Justifying the business case after trialing the WorldManuals’ Mobile SupportWare device support solution, Telstra has signed a multi-year commercial agreement with WorldManuals. The commitment is the result of a successful trial in terms of application performance and a mutual rewarding working relationship.With the newly signed agreement, Telstra has opted for a redesign, in addition to adding support for the majority of the company’s device range. Making full use of the device support reach, the strategy will undoubtedly boost the application usage further leading to an even stronger business case.The Telstra solution is based on the high-end Mobile SupportWare content package optimized to address the majority of all device related technical support inquiries in mature markets like Australia. Launched in both call centers and as a self-service tool on the Telstra website, the solutions are already providing a strong ROI with call deflection and reduction in AHT (average call handling time) being the key business case drivers.

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September 2016
Singtel re-selects the WorldManuals device support solution

Based on a successful RFQ outcome, Singtel re-awards its device support business to WorldManuals for the 3rd consecutive time. And with the recent extension of the agreement to provide device support solution for OPTUS, reaffirms WorldManuals as preferred supplier to Singtel Group. The Singtel solution includes the WorldManuals' signature content package thus addressing the specific local requirements for device support that has been identified by Singtel – an essential feature of the WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare solution leading to increased tangible business benefits. WorldManuals has provided the device support solution to Singtel since 2012 and continues to have a strong focus on timely content creation and search engine optimization. As a result, the Singtel solution performs extremely well, serving thousands of support related inquiries every day on the Singtel support pages.

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August 2016
OPTUS signs multi-year agreement with WorldManuals

OPTUS has re-signed a multi-year agreement with WorldManuals for the provision of the renowned Mobile SupportWare device support solution. WorldManuals has been the preferred supplier to OPTUS for 6 years and the Mobile SupportWare solution has proven to be extremely efficient in driving call deflection while consistently reducing AHT (Average Handling Time) in the OPTUS call centres. The solution significantly reduces cost to serve while also serving as a traffic driver to not only the Help & Support section of the OPTUS website but also to the e-store in driving conversion rates.

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July 2016
Entel extends agreement to cover Peru

In 2013 Entel Chile purchased Nextel Peru which subsequently went through a rebranding process to become Entel Peru. During this process, it was decided that Entel Peru would implement a device support solution. The logical and obvious choice was to extend the existing agreement between Entel Chile and WorldManuals to also cover Entel Peru and provide the new operation with the same benefits as the Chilean operation. The service launched in July 2016 and provides Entel Peru with a responsive web solution and a call center application, providing clients and customer service agents with an excellent tool for device support.

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June 2016
Jazztel launches Mobile SupportWare

In June 2016, Jazztel launched a Mobile SupportWare support solution to meet its clients demand for assistance with their mobile devices. Jazztel is a fixed line and internet provider in Spain that additionally operates as an MVNO in order to offer its customers triple play solutions. The solution provided to Jazztel will contain support for both devices sold by Jazztel in addition to devices sold by other telcos in Spain in order to address the need for accurate support to both existing and churning customers.

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February 2016
Telefónica Internacional extends agreement

Due to impressive results and high customer satisfaction, Telefónica Internacional has decided to extend and expand their current agreement with WorldManuals. This will result in a simplified ordering process, an increase in the total amount of content delivered and will include additional content modules with a strong pre-sales focus such as 3D models and Virtual Device. All Movistar operations in Central and South America are part of the agreement which, both Telefónica Internacional and WorldManuals are convinced, will further improve the results achieved by the individual operations and will pave the way for additional initiatives to ensure that Telefónica stays at the forefront of the development in regards to online sales and support.

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October 2015
Virgin Mobile Australia to deploy Mobile SupportWare

Virgin Mobile Australia has signed an agreement with WorldManuals with the purpose of deploying the Mobile SupportWare device support solution. The solution, 100% tailored to reflect the strong Virgin brand identity, is scheduled to go live before Christmas this year and shall contain advanced support content for both smartphones and other connected devices including customised step-by-step guides as well as device troubleshooting guides. To match the dedicated Virgin commitment to customer service and support, the solution will launch both externally in responsive design to serve as a self-service solution as well as in the Virgin Mobile call centres to cater for inquiries from customers that prefer this type of support.

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September 2015
Optus re-awards device support business to WorldManuals

Following a successful RFQ process, Optus has decided to re-award its device support business to Worldmanuals. As a result of a wide range of integration options, continued attention to details and quality in combination with a superior customer support, the business was awarded to WorldManuals. The future solution is based on the Mobile SupportWare engine and the WorldManuals signature content package addressing Optus specific requirements for device support. WorldManuals has been providing Optus with the device support solution since 2011 and with a strong focus on search engine optimization and integration with site search and virtual assistance tools, the solution continues to show a clear year-over-year growth leading to a strong ROI.

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August 2015
Cross-continent content workshops

As part of our Global Knowledge Sharing program (GKS), WorldManuals has carried out multiple workshops in Asia Pacific, Latin America and Europe over the past 3 months. The objective of the workshops has been to optimise already well-functioning solutions by addressing the following elements:

  • Specific client requests for content additions
  • Individual search engine optimization
  • Global technology trends
The content workshops are of significant importance to our clients and are an important part of what differentiates the WorldManuals solution in the market; creating sustainable benefits and ROI. The results of the recent workshops are already crystalizing with our clients making a very well working solution even better - and to all of our clients proving that our Global Knowlegde Sharing program are creating tangible value.

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July 2015
Successful RFQ leads to deployment for Orange

Autumn 2014 Orange Spain decided to issue an RFQ, also including Spanish operator Amena, to reassess their device support solution and strategy. As a result of WorldManuals’ attention to detail and quality, the device support business was successfully awarded to WorldManuals in April 2015. The responsive design solution went live three months later on both the Orange and Amena websites as well as in their call centers, and includes customised how-to-guides and troubleshooting content. Since launch, the solution has shown a significant growth in usage due to detailed attention to search engine optimization (SEO), and with an ambitious device launch commitment and a solution packed with the latest Mobile SupportWare features, the Orange and Amena solutions are already meeting and exceeding expectations.

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June 2015
VTR Chile awards device support business to WorldManuals

As the result of a global RFQ issued in May 2015, VTR Chile, part of Liberty Global, has awarded its device support business to WorldManuals. VTR operates mainly as fixed line, internet and cable tv provider in Chile, but has recently added MVNO services on the Movistar network to its services. VTR caters the high-end market with a strong focus on quality, transparency and customer service. Accordingly, their decision to award the contract to WorldManuals is a great fit with their overall approach and strategy. The contract was awarded in mid-June and the solution is expected to launch in late July – an impressive delivery time of about 5 weeks from sign-off to launch of our Mobile SupportWare 4.0 solution. The solution provided to VTR will contain support for both devices sold by VTR in addition to devices sold by competing telcos in Chile in order to address the need for accurate support to churning customers. In a second phase, WorldManuals expects to deliver support for a full range of devices to VTR including fixed line products like TV set-top boxes, fixed line modems and routers.

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May 2015
Supporting non-mobile devices and mobile apps

Triggered by increasing complexity leading to high cost-to-serve, WorldManuals is addressing the market for self-service for non-mobile devices such as TV set-top boxes and other fixed-line products like modems and routers. Today support for these devices has been adopted by many of our clients including Vodafone Group and Telefonica Group and the results are significant with an increase in self-service inquiries of more than 250% in the past 6 months. Content creation for these products requires WorldManuals to deploy an onsite group of native speaking technical writers and visual editors working closely with the client to achieve the high quality characterising a WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare solution. Another evolving trend is support for mobile apps. For many years, WorldManuals has created device specific support content for mobile operator specific apps such as “My Vodafone” as well as native apps for global internet services like WhatsApp, Twitter, Facebook and Gmail, however, recent focus to ensure successful adoption rates for new services has fueled the demand for support for any type of apps – be it device specific or by operating system (Android and/or iOS). WorldManuals supports a full range of TV service apps for DStv Media in 50+ countries in Africa - a key element of the DStv Media customer support strategy. For more information, please contact your WorldManuals representative.

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April 2015
Movistar OpCos are adding Facebook tab

As part of the global deal with Movistar a Facebook tab has now been added to the solution in various Movistar operations. It functions on each individual operation's Facebook page, giving the followers the possibility of interacting with the devices for sale. The objective is to provide Movistar clients with a fun and easy way of understanding the devices for sale and thus drive traffic to the e-store. The solution has been optimized to work both on desktop and mobile browsers. Movistar Argentina and Peru with over 5 million combined followers are pioneering the development. Please access the solution through their respective Facebook pages.

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March 2015
Movistar Spain joins global agreement

After seeing the success of Mobile SupportWare in the Latin American Movistar operations, Spain decided to join the global agreement in January 2015. Currently Movistar Spain has an in-house system that gradually will be phased out and integrated to the WorldManuals solution. This also includes OTA capabilities that continue to form an important part of the Movistar Spain commitment to their clients. The solution was launched silently in March 2015 and will replace the existing solution. The solution is fully responsive, adding high-quality support experience to the clients visiting from the mobile browsers.

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February 2015
Support for non-mobile devices in focus

With the launch of device support for non-mobile devices in Vodafone Portugal and Movistar Chile, WorldManuals now also accommodates the increasing demand for providing support for complex TV boxes and routers within the same logical structure and interactive framework as the remaining MobileSupportWare modules.

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December 2014
Oi chooses Mobile SupportWare

WorldManuals was awarded the contract to deliver a device support solution to Oi in 2014. The solution went live on the website in late 2014 and other channels will follow in 2015. Oi was the first operator in Brazil to use GSM technology and has always had a very strong focus on providing excellent customer service through its online channel. That combined with WorldManuals focus on delivering outstanding self service solutions is turning out to be a perfect mix. Oi will be handled from the Rio de Janeiro office in conjunction with the office in Santiago and the HQ in Copenhagen.

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November 2014
Telefónica Movistar launches Mobile SupportWare

Upon winning an RFP, the Telefónica Movistar group – in total 14 operations – has now launched Mobile SupportWare. After having offered our services for more than 2 years to Telefónica in Chile, the rest of the group also decided to launch the WorldManuals support solution. The RFP was awarded in June and the first operations were launched in late July. As most of the countries had a substantial amount of legacy content a special agreement was reached, ensuring Telefónica that no previous content investments would be lost. The solution adds support for website, mobile, call center as well as various third party integrations. A retail solution is expected to be launched before end of 2014. Telefónica is one of the largest mobile operators in the world. In South and Central America Telefónica has a combined subscriber base of more than 100 million.

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November 2013
TIM Brazil launches Mobile SupportWare

Upon winning an RFP, WorldManuals was awarded the contract to deliver a device support solution to TIM Brazil. Within 3 months of winning the RFP, the solution went live on the TIM Brazil website and shortly several other front-end channels will follow. The TIM brand has a strong association with innovation and quality attributes. During its presence in the country, it has become the pioneer in launching several products and services, such as the introduction of MMS and BlackBerry in Brazil. This trend continues with the launch of Mobile SupportWare as TIM is the first operator in Brazil to launch a premium device support solution. The newly opened WorldManuals office in Rio de Janeiro will play a key role in ensuring continued success of the TIM solution.

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August 2013
WorldManuals opens new office in Latin America

Fueled by increasing business in the region, WorldManuals has opened its third office in Latin America. Located in Rio de Janeiro, the newly opened office covers client management, technical project management and content and application development activities. WorldManuals has been active in the region since 2007 and opened its first sales office on Rua Oscar Freire in Sao Paulo in September 2008. Followed by contracts signed with both ENTEL and Telefonica Movistar in Chile, WorldManuals opened its regional headquarter in Santiago in May 2010 headed by regional manager, Mr. Jeppe Ivarsson. The technical competence centre in Rio shall be working closely with the sales office in Sao Paulo and regional headquarter in Santiago to the benefit of all clients and prospects in the region. With a full set of management and development competencies in Rio, WorldManuals acknowledges the need for local support in order to meet regional differences and requirements in the Latin American markets.

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April 2013
UNITEL selects Mobile SupportWare from WorldManuals

Mobile operator UNITEL - one of the main operators in Angola - has chosen a Mobile SupportWare solution from WorldManuals. The solution shall address device related support inquiries to the call center and walk-in service requests to retail outlets. From a content perspective the solution covers high-end devices, mid-range feature phones as well as entry-level devices. This combination addresses the specific needs of each customer segment and ensures that the UNITEL brand is continuously associated with innovation, quality and a unique attention to customer satisfaction.

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March 2013
Safaricom signs agreement with WorldManuals

As the outcome of a succesful RFQ process, Kenya based Safaricom has awarded its mobile device support business to WorldManuals. The solution, scheduled to go live this summer, is uniquely design to cater for the specific needs of the Kenyan mobile device market. With a specifically designed content package, the Mobile SupportWare solution shall be provided through both call center and online channels, containing content for high-end smartphones and tablets in addition to "Chinese" and "clone" handsets accounting for a significant part of market. Securing Safaricom as a WorldManuals customer plays an important role in the WorldManuals strategy og strengthening the position in growth markets on the African continent. And with more high-profile African prospects in the pipeline we expect to serve African mobile subscribers in more than 10 countries before the end of the year.

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February 2013
Vodafone Group re-appoints WorldManuals

Following a successful RFQ process, Vodafone Group has, for the third consecutive time, selected WorldManuals as their vendor for provisioning of mobile device support content. In August 2004, WorldManuals provided Vodafone Spain with the first device support solution. This implementation was followed by an RFQ process which resulted in a group-wide agreement in 2006. Following multiple succesful implementations, Vodafone assessed the global market for device support solutions in 2010 and again WorldManuals was selected as the vendor to ensure Vodafone would have the best-of-breed device support tools available to internal and external users. Consequently, WorldManuals is proud to announce that we have been re-appointed as the vendor of the mobile device support solution for Vodafone and that today we are an integrated part of the overall device support strategy at Vodafone.

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December 2012
Optus signs agreement with WorldManuals

Following a successful trial of the Mobile SupportWare solution launched in September 2011 and an RFQ selection process in 2012, Optus chose WorldManuals as their supplier of mobile device support solutions. Optus is an Australian leader in integrated telecommunications, delivering cutting-edge communications, information technology and entertainment services. Moreover, the company provides services both directly to end users and also acts as a wholesaler to other service providers. The solution was launched with a full WorldManuals content package including Interactive Guides, VAS/G-VAS tutorials, Device Specifications, and Intelligent Device Troubleshooting. Device support content is available through multiple support channels. Optus are constantly looking for new ways to optimise and improve their costumers’ support experience; therefore several projects have been initiated between WorldManuals and Optus that will optimize and explore the Mobile SupportWare solution to its full potential.

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July 2012
Swisscom signs agreement with WorldManuals

As the leading telco company in Switzerland, Swisscom is continuously searching for new and improved ways to provide better customer service to its subscribers and hereby providing customers with an even better user experience. Swisscom provides support information to its customers in multiple languages and across multiple product portfolios and because the focus on customer satisfaction is on the rise. Swisscom chose WorldManuals’ Mobile SupportWare solution because of consistent high quality content and experience in delivering solutions at this high level of expertise. Although the solution has a high level of complexity, in terms of multiple language support and multiple channel support across website, call center and mobile application, the Swisscom solution will be delivered only 2 months after the first kick-off meeting.

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July 2012
TeliaSonera Sweden signs agreement with WorldManuals

TeliaSonera Sweden signs agreement with WorldManuals for the provision of Mobile SupportWare. The solution consists of Interactive Guides, GVAS Tutorials, Device Specs and Device Troubleshooting modules and covers mobile handsets, tablets and mobile modems. The solution is developed in close cooperation with TeliaSonera and tailored to meet their specific design and functionality requirements. The solution went live on the TeliaSonera website and call centers in July 2012. By implementing Mobile SupportWare, TeliaSonera emphasizes its position as the leading Nordic and Baltic fixed broadband and mobile operator with a consistent focus on developing and utilizing new technology to meet and exceed customers' expectations.

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March 2012
Vodafone Czech Republic launches Mobile SupportWare

Vodafone Czech Republic has launched WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare. Taking advantage of a special Vodafone content and application package, Vodafone Czech Republic is offering its customer base access to high quality device support experience through all customer touch points. The solution covers mobile handsets, USB data cards, tablets, wireless routers and netbooks.

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February 2012
Vodafone Greece launches Mobile SupportWare

Vodafone Greece has launched WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare. Taking advantage of a special Vodafone content and application package, Vodafone Greece is offering its customer base access to high quality device support experience through all customer touch points. The solution covers mobile handsets, USB data cards, tablets, wireless routers and netbooks.

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December 2011
Vodafone Hungary launches Mobile SupportWare

Vodafone Hungary has launched WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare. Taking advantage of a special Vodafone content and application package, Vodafone Hungary is offering its customer base access to high quality device support experience through all customer touch points. The solution covers mobile handsets, USB data cards, tablets, wireless routers and netbooks.

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December 2011
Vodafone Australia launches Mobile SupportWare

Vodafone Hutchison Australia has launched WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare. The solution is being rolled-out on Vodafone Hutchison Australia's website and on the mobile channel (on-device), and it represents a true multi-channel support strategy. In addition to a common Vodafone content package, the agreement includes Instructional Device videos and Virtual Device that provide a true end-to-end support experience from pre- to post-sale support inquiries.

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November 2011
Vodafone Group chooses WorldManuals for its global support strategy

Following several successful deployments of the WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare solution, Vodafone Group has chosen to roll-out Mobile SupportWare globally. The deal, entered in April 2011, initially covers 11 main markets and it has been expanded to include operations in Greece, Romania, The Czech Republic and Hungary, a total of 15 tailored solutions which are expected to go live by the end of March 2012. Though based on a common content framework, each Vodafone operation benefits from tailored content delivered by a dedicated native speaking translation team in addition to a high degree of platform and technology flexibility. The end result is the largest and most successful mobile device support roll-out in the telco industry.

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November 2011
Vodafone Reino Unido lanza su nueva plataforma de servicio online

Based on WorldManuals' comprehensive device support content in combination with eGain's powerful knowledge-base tools, Vodafone UK has launched a new sophisticated support tool that responds to complex support inquiries from internal as well as external users. The deployment takes advantage of the open structure of Mobile SupportWare by letting third party tools access the WorldManuals content through an open XML API. This approach provides maximum flexibility to integrate additional support information from other sources without sacrificing quality control on core device content.

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November 2011
Vodafone Romania launches Mobile SupportWare

Vodafone Romania has launched WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare. Taking advantage of a special Vodafone content and application package, Vodafone Romania is offering its customer base access to high quality device support experience through all customer touch points. The solution covers mobile handsets, USB data cards, tablets, wireless routers and netbooks.

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October 2011
Vodafone Italy launches Mobile SupportWare

Vodafone Italy has launched WorldManuals Mobile SupportWare. The solution is being rolled-out in the Vodafone call centers, on Vodafone Italy's website and on the mobile channel (on-device), and it represents a true multi-channel support strategy. In addition to a common Vodafone content package, the agreement includes Instructional Device videos and Virtual Device that provide a true end-to-end support experience from pre- to post-sale support inquiries.

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May 2011
WorldManuals adds Vodafone Netherlands to the portfolio

Vodafone Netherlands starts off with rock solid results with the launch and support content for the iPhone 4. Vodafone Netherlands starts off with rock solid results with the launch and support content for the iPhone 4. Vodafone Netherlands has chosen WorldManuals as its provider of support content. Initially, WorldManuals has delivered support for the iPhone 4 which has already generated sky-high results for Vodafone Netherland. The launch of the iPhone 4 will be followed shortly by a more comprehensive range of devices in order to meet Vodafone Netherland's strategic commitment to support its subscribers in using complex devices, and thus generate more traffic on the network.

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April 2011
WorldManuals adds Vodafone Ireland to the portfolio

Vodafone Ireland has joined the Mobile SupportWare launch road-map and the solution is launched with immediate availability to Vodafone Ireland network subscribers. The solution covers mobile handsets, tablets and mobile modems and support for up to 100 devices shall be added per year.

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April 2011
ENTEL Chile signs agreement with WorldManuals

ENTEL Chile signs agreement with WorldManuals for the provision of Mobile SupportWare. The solution consists of the Device Manuals, GVAS / VAS Tutorials & Device Troubleshooting modules and covers mobile handsets, tablets and mobile modems. The solution is expected to go live on the ENTEL website and call centers in July 2011. By implementing Mobile SupportWare, ENTEL emphasizes its position as the leading mobile operator in the region, with a consistent focus on developing and utilizing new technology to meet and exceed their customers' expectations.

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March 2011
Vodafone Germany starts a trial of Mobile SupportWare

Vodafone Germany and WorldManuals have agreed to launch the Mobile SupportWare solution in order to monitor local market benefits of such solution. The solution initially covers support for two devices and includes the Mobile SupportWare content modules Device Manuals, GVAS Tutorials, Device Specs and Device Troubleshooting.

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February 2011
WorldManuals adds Vodafone New Zealand to the portfolio

Vodafone New Zealand has launched Mobile SupportWare in both internal and external support channels. The solution covers mobile handsets, tablets and mobile modems and support for up to 100 devices shall be added per year. The solution includes integration the RightNow knowledgebase solution used by Vodafone New Zealand leveraging existing infrastructure and powerful knowledgebase features. Moving forward, Vodafone New Zealand shall also launch the Mobile Access module later this year.

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December 2009
Vodafone Turkey signs agreement with WorldManuals

Vodafone Turkey signs agreement with WorldManuals for the provision of the Mobile SupportWare device support tool. The application and content will cover both mobile handsets as well as data connect cards. The roll-out of the WorldManuals support tool is in line with the Vodafone Turkey 3G launch where more advanced devices will enter the market. The solution will go-live January 2010 at the Vodafone Turkey website as well as in Vodafone call centers.

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September 2009
WorldManuals sign partner agreement with Nuance Communications inc.

WorldManuals has signed a partner agreement with Nuance Communications Inc. to provide access to tailored and easy-to-understand support content delivered on a mobile device interface. These 'virtual' manuals provide an engaging and intuitive interface from which users can quickly and efficiently problem solve, thus further aiding in the reduction of the number of calls into a contact centre whilst providing a superior user experience. The agreement is the result of the successful integration project of WorldManuals's technical device support content within the Nuance Mobile Care application. The solution has already been rolled out with Vodafone in Portugal and Spain where end-users are benefiting from an enhanced mobile care experience. End-users benefit from Nuance's patented call intercept technology in combination with support content tailored for delivery on a mobile device. The solution vastly reduces cost to serve, and more operators are expected to adopt the solution shortly. "The combination of tailored support content from WorldManuals and the intuitive and engaging interface of Nuance Mobile Care provides a compelling self-service experience for users and a highly cost effective service method for operators" says Tim Atkinson, Business Development Director, EMEA. "Superior customer service is a powerful differentiator for mobile operators in this competitive market and through the implementation of leading edge technology they can remain at the forefront of customer best practice." WorldManuals' CEO, Thomas Thrane, comments: "We have seen an increasing appetite for on-device support in recent years. The Partnership with Nuance and the integration with the intuitive interface of Mobile Care will enable us to satisfy this rising demand and bring further enhancements to the market such as context navigation of support content, device troubleshooting to enable customers with solutions specific to their device usage, as well as speech-enabled access to technical solutions."

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August 2009
WorldManuals opens office in Johannesburg, South Africa

To further strengthen the business relationship with existing clients in the region in addition to prepare for future growth in Africa and the Middle East, WorldManuals has opened up a regional office at Nelson Mandela Square, Johannesburg, South Africa. The office will be fully operational within the coming months and will include both client management and production.

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July 2009
eGain and WorldManuals announce partnership

eGain Communications (OTCBB: EGAN), the leading provider of on-site and on-demand multichannel customer service and knowledge management software, today announced a partnership with WorldManuals, specialists in delivering mobile device support. The two companies are combining eGain's knowledge management technologies with WorldManuals' device support content to deliver state-of-the-art support solutions for European service providers. Click here for the full press release and here to learn more about eGain Communications

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May 2009
WorldManuals enters the South African market

WorldManuals enters the South African market with MTN, a leading cutting-edge operator that has embraced the full-scale support content solution at first sight. For six months the solution was tested successfully within MTN's call and service centres, and today the solution is also accessible via the web where the Device Manuals, Troubleshooting and Comparison module can be found. Most importantly the cooperation has resulted in a support tool that relieves complex problems related to functionality and MTN services on both handsets and data cards. WorldManuals has great expectations for the innovative MTN and for a continuous growth on the African market.

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March 2009
WorldManuals expands their device support content base… include support for internet services. Increased global adoption of Internet based social networks and other Internet services in combination with a trend to access these services on mobile devices has lead WorldManuals to launch a concept of support content. Named G-VAS (Global Value Added Services), the concept consists of devices specific instructions for how to use Internet services like FaceBook and Gmail on mobile handsets. The user interface is simple and straightforward, in line with WorldManuals proven standard, and typically consist of basic how-to-guides for installation, configuration and usage. The G-VAS support concept is an immediate outcome of the mobile trend that suggests a recent and significant increase in utilizing social networks and other internet services on mobile handsets. For the mobile operators, supporting these services represents a significant potential increase in ARPU.

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February 2009
Vodafone Portugal decides to roll out Virtual Device

Vodafone Portugal has decided to add WorldManuals' Virtual Device as part of their device support strategy. The Virtual Device application enables users to navigate through the menu structure of the device. In combination with the Device Manuals and the Device Troubleshooting application, the Virtual Device provides the best possible platform in both pre- and post-sale support cases by mapping next-step how-to-guides and troubleshooting guides in context to the navigation point in the device menu and user interface. The Virtual Device works equally well in the call center and on the Internet, but is particular well suited in combination with a touch screen optimized user interface. Consequently, Vodafone Portugal are committed to deploy an in-shop support experience within 2009.

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January 2009
Joint development project with eGain

eGain Communications Ltd and WorldManuals have joined forces in developing state-of-the-art device support solutions combining eGain's renowned knowledge base technologies with WorldManuals' high quality device support content. The end result provides existing and new clients with the best user experience and a single point of access to content regardless of support channel. The combined solution is currently being tested by Vodafone Portugal and will be presented to new and existing clients in the coming months. "The ability for the eGain solution to provide seamless access to WorldManuals' comprehensive device content in the call centre and on the web, will enable a faster delivery of benefits to our joint customers and an improved customer and agent experience. Our strategy is to work with leading complementary solution providers within the Telco sector and this is a great example of where our credentials as the leading supplier of knowledge management solutions and WorldManuals strengths in device support content, enable our customers to get the highest return on their investment." says Andrew Mennie, eGain General Manager, EMEA. As a result, WorldManuals participated in the eGain EMEA User Conference in Windsor, UK on June 10th 2009. If you would like more information, then please contact WorldManuals on

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April 2008
Vodafone Portugal adds Device Troubleshooting

Vodafone Portugal, has added a new device troubleshooting module to its range of device support options. Initially, the troubleshooting content will cover technically complex devices such as USB modems and pc data cards. Expanding the device support options to include a device specific troubleshooting module strengthens Vodafone's consistent high-quality problem solving processes. The troubleshooting module is scheduled to be launched later this year in connection with a new and improved application design that ascribes more focus on the support content and value added services.

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March 2008
WorldManuals starts delivering device support content for SFR

WorldManuals has signed an agreement to deliver device support content to SFR, a French mobile operator with close to 18 million subscribers. The solution provided to SFR differs from the existing device support suite delivered by WorldManuals, as all device support content will be delivered as an XML feed to be merged into the current content management platform operated by SFR. By choosing this approach, SFR will benefit from an extremely short time to market for support content and the consistent high quality device support content delivered by WorldManuals.

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January 2008
Sonofon launches Mobile Access in Denmark

Being the first mobile operator to launch Mobile Access in Denmark, once again Sonofon shows a strong focus on innovation. Sonofon is continuously searching for new and improved ways to provide better customer service to its subscribers. With the launch of the Mobile Access support channel, Sonofon has managed to place focus on the WAP-portal as a platform for providing support information to its customers and thus improving the customer experience.

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November 2007
Vodafone Portugal launches Mobile Access

Vodafone Portugal has decided to launch Mobile Access as a new support channel, thereby enabling all its subscribers to access mobile device support content on a mobile phone. The support channel will be launched in December, which due to the holiday season is one of the busiest month of the year when it comes to device support inquiries. The mobile operator intends to promote the support content through pull and push SMS campaigns and in-box advertising among others. The addition of Mobile Access as a support channel will further strengthen Vodafone Portugal's device support strategy to deliver customer support anytime, anywhere.

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August 2007
Danish M1 selects Mobile SupportWare

The Danish mobile phone operator M1 has chosen WorldManuals' Device Manuals module as its primary source for providing its subscribers with technical device support information. The agreement includes approximately 60 new devices to be added annually. The project was initiated early summer 2007 and the solution went live mid August.

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May 2007
WorldManuals develops Mobile Access

In addition to providing access to support information through conventional support channels like contact centres, retail outlets and on websites, WorldManuals has introduced Mobile Access. This support channel enables new and existing clients to provide access to detailed support information directly on subscribers' mobile devices. Mobile Access provides fast and on-the-spot support content, and since the application module is capable of auto-detecting the device model, the subscriber is presented with the relevant support information right away.

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November 2006
Vodafone Portugal signs agreement with WorldManuals

Vodafone Portugal has signed an agreement for the provision of Mobile SupportWare. This agreement is a direct result of the framework agreement between Vodafone Group and WorldManuals, signed in June 2006. The solution, consisting of a tailored set of device support applications, is expected to be launched at the Vodafone Portugal website and call centers at the beginning of December 2006.

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September 2006
WorldManuals relocates

Farewell Rungsted, hello Copenhagen. Signing framework agreements with major international mobile operators, as well as other initiatives have led to growth within WorldManuals. Several teams within the company have experienced an increase in staff, among others the teams of technical writers, translators and software developers. To accommodate this growth, WorldManuals moves to larger facilities in the northern part of Copenhagen at the end of September.

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August 2006
WorldManuals adds Portuguese language capabilities

WorldManuals has added Portuguese to the increasing range of languages in which Mobile SupportWare is supplied. Having access to in-house native translation skills is a key element in our success of providing consistent high quality support content localized for the markets in which our clients operate. Aside from Portuguese, WorldManuals currently masters German, French, Dutch and Spanish in addition to English and Danish.

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June 2006
Vodafone Group selects WorldManuals’ Mobile Supportware… their prefered support solution. WorldManuals has been selected by Vodafone Group to develop a uniquely tailored set of device support applications. The applications include Device Manuals, Device Finder and Comparison as well as the modules Device Tutorials, Virtual Device and Device Troubleshooting. All applications will be customized according to the global design and usability guidelines of Vodafone and will be offered to all Vodafone operating companies.

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May 2006
Orange Switzerland signs agreement with WorldManuals

As a result of the Orange Group framework agreement, Orange Switzerland has signed an agreement for the provision of Mobile SupportWare. The solution, expected to go live September this year, is a sophisticated multi-language solution. Orange customer service representatives and subscribers servicing themselves on the Internet will have access to the most comprehensive device support content available today in three languages - German, French and English.

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May 2006
Samsung and WorldManuals cooperation

The cooperation between Samsung and WorldManuals will enable mobile operators using Mobile SupportWare to support their subscribers more efficiently. The mobile operators will enjoy access to support content closer to the official date of device launch. The benefits to Samsung are obvious as the mobile operators will be able to provide subscribers with timely and accurate support for Samsung mobile devices. Aside from Samsung, WorldManuals work closely together with Sony Ericsson and Siemens.

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April 2006
Orange Group signs framework agreement with WorldManuals

In an effort to provide all Orange member countries with a best-of-breed device support solution, Orange Group has signed a framework agreement with WorldManuals for the provision of Mobile SupportWare. The agreement covers initial development of support applications (Device Manuals and Device Finder & Comparison modules), including initial content as well as ongoing maintenance and hosting. Orange expects to launch the first set of applications later this year.

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