SP Agents

Contact center efficiency

Efficiency is the name of the game. Empowering your CSRs with the right tools and content are key to drive down cost to serve for chat and call interactions. Our contact center solution, SP Agents, is based on 15 years of experience and best practices to drive core tangible benefits from any customer interaction by providing the right tools and content at the right time.

Reduce AHT
Reduce average handling time for customer-facing staff by supplying clear-cut how-to and troubleshooting guides
Increase FCR
Increase first call and contact resolution by supplying the right information at the right time in the right tool
Prevent call escalation
Prevent call escalation by empowering customer-facing staff with tools for accurate customer handling
Reduce NFF
Reduce non-faulty device returns by applying efficient troubleshooting
Local and global knowledge sharing

The key to success for efficient CSR handling of support inquiries is access to the right tool and information at the right time.

The SP Agents tool is feature packed and optimized to make the best of local as well as global knowledge sharing with the latter being facilitated by us.

Content creation

Support content in the SP Agents tool may either be created by us or by you in the Authoring Tool from within the SP Agents solution.

Most of our clients use a combination of the two to make the best of the internal know-how enhanced with device how-to and troubleshooting guides provided by us.

Customizable SaaS

The entire SP Agents tool can be fully customized, feature by feature, to meet installation specific requirements. Features can be added or removed centrally from within the Administration Module to ensure customer handling is carried out according to your support strategy.