SP Retail

In-store experience

Get the most out of your walk-in customers by providing the best pre- and post-sale support experience through interactive Digital Signage. Capture the value of interactions by providing engaging tools and content to drive up conversion rates or empower your customer-facing staff with the right how-to and troubleshooting guides and tools to drive down cost to serve while increasing customer satisfaction.

Increase conversion rates
Capitalize on walk-in customers to drive up conversion rates from your device and subscription campaigns
Reduce AHT
Reduce average handling time for customer-facing staff by supplying clear-cut how-to and troubleshooting guides
Reduce NFF
Reduce non-faulty device returns by applying efficient troubleshooting
Customer satisfaction
Happy customers are less likely to churn. Take a predictive and proactive approach to device support
Interactive device experience

For more than a decade, we’ve been designing interactive device experiences and we continue to push the boundaries. Our latest version allows for full 3D rendering while you can free-roam the device user interface. Additionally, the solution provides help and advice in context to the menu navigation.

Third party connectors

Our open API and SaaS model allow for third party integration of support tools and services. As a standard feature we offer integration to our partner "buy back" and "repair" service allowing for a single point of interaction and dialogue whether assisted or non-assisted - pre- or post-sale.

Business intelligence

Sampling every single interaction, we understand the customer behavior. We know what device the users currently have; we know what devices they consider buying and we know what features drive interest and behavior. Learn more about how our Business Intelligence model can help you adopt for a proactive and predictive support experience.