SP Self-service

Self-service success

Provided as a customized SaaS solution, Speedperform SP Self-service is a responsive support solution which is search engine optimized to capture organic traffic and provides you with clear-cut step-by-step and troubleshooting guides. It addresses basic configuration and getting started issues but also covers complex device troubleshooting wrapped in an intuitive engaging user experience.

Boost call deflection
Accelerate self-service by capturing organic traffic through an efficient SEO strategy
Increase conversion rates
Capitalize on organic traffic to drive conversion rates from your device and subscription campaigns
Customer satisfaction
Happy customers are less likely to churn. Take a predictive and proactive approach to device support
Reduce NFF
Reduce non-faulty device returns by applying efficient troubleshooting
Mobile first

Today, more than 2/3 of all users turn to their preferred channel of support - their mobile device - when encountering problems and challenges.

At Speedperform, we’ve been providing self-service for this user behavior for close to a decade and today we take a "mobile first" approach when designing the user experience sitting on top of our SaaS platform.

This ensures an effortless integration project whether you wish to deploy a responsive browser-based solution, or a solution directly integrated into your mobile app.

Organic search

On average, more than 74% of all self-service customer care interactions originate from Google search queries. It’s important to capture this traffic by deploying a search engine optimization strategy that works in order to remain in the driving seat when it comes to handling customer inquiries efficiently. If you don't deliver, your competitor might which inherently poses a churning customer.

Lead generation

Many customers may, for various reasons, end up on support pages while simply browsing for device information on the internet. Why not take an engaging and proactive approach and capitalize on this organic traffic directing users to your device and subscription campaigns?